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Meis Mitzvah

Death is always tragic. Dying alone is exceedingly tragic!

The commandment of Meis Mitzvah is so important that if one encounters an unidentified Jewish body, he must immediately halt any mitzvah or activity he is busy with until he buries the body.

Yet are there any Meis Mitzvahs today?

You may think of a Meis Mitzvah as a rare occurrence. Yet Chesed Shel Emes saves countless Jewish decedents annually from a terrible fate after death.

There are thousands of loners living in our communities, across America and abroad, among them many holocaust survivors living a sad and lonely life. Then there are panhandlers and beggars on the street corners and in our shuls, some friendly, others more reclusive. Unfortunately, behind their rags, a heartbreaking tale is usually hidden.

Did you ever stop and think about what happens when their time is up??

After suffering through years in their lonely existence, they usually die alone! Yes, all alone!

Who takes care of their burial? Who pays for it? Where are they buried?

Chesed Shel Emes has numerous cemeteries where thousands of poor and indigent have been respectfully brought to their final resting place.