24 hour HOTLINE 855.CSE.2121 (273)

Fatality Response Team

The aftermath of a tragic death is something no human eye want to see!

Whether body parts are strewn across highway lanes, pools of blood in alleyways, or blood streaked across the apartment walls, Jewish law requires us to bury the deceased with all their limbs and life blood.

Who responds to these gory sights and grisly scenes?

As gruesome as the task of cleaning up is, the CSE volunteers are  the hidden heroes among us who rise above their nature and face the horror head on, all so that victims can have a proper Jewish burial.

When a Jewish person falls victim to a fatal incident, accident, or disaster, the dedicated CSE volunteers quietly and resolutely spend countless hours providing kavod hameis. No matter who they are or where they’re coming from. Every Jewish soul is given the highest level of respect.

This work is difficult to imagine anyone doing. And yet, they do it. Faithfully there, whenever needed, so that casualties can be buried according to Halacha.

The light in the darkness of tragedy.