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About Us

Chesed Shel Emes (CSE) was founded by Rabbi Mendy Rosenberg in 1985 as a tiny entity and has grown over the decades into a vast organization with hundreds of volunteers.

Following the death of a loved one – especially when it occurs unexpectedly – the mourning family plunges into bewildering terrain. An overwhelming plethora of details must be dealt with requiring resources and expertise that most grieving next of kin do not have.

When thrust into a crisis people instinctively turn to CSE with a plea for help to guide them through the turmoil. As soon as the call comes in CSE springs into action and works tirelessly to help the mourners deal with the unknown and provide assistance with every facet, from the time of the passing through the burial and beyond, with maximum sensitivity and efficiency.

CSE works with hospitals and funeral homes, medical examiners and coroners, local, state, and federal law enforcement and investigative agencies to provide respect and dignity for the deceased.

Additionally, CSE has numerous cemeteries where the poor and indigent are provided a dignified burial free of charge.

In addition to the Chevra Kadisha related services, CSE also has a Bikur Cholim division in several hospitals where kosher food, Shabbos necessities, support and guidance are provided for patients and their companions.