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Bikur Cholim

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As soon as the door to the Bikur Cholim room is opened, a beautifully set table covered in a white tablecloth with challah, grape juice awaits them. The heavenly aroma of chicken soup, kugel and cholent fill the air…

Is it actually in a hospital…? Just feet away from the nurses’ station?

It may just look like a piece of home transplanted into a hospital room…

This is exactly what ‘Bikur Cholim Yad Yaakov’ is all about. Offering family members who must spend time in the NYU Brooklyn Hospital (formerly Lutheran) a taste of home without having to leave the  hospital.

From delicious meals and snacks during the week, to a full Shabbos menu of challah, fish, soup, kugel, salads, dips, and dessert, and even the weekly magazines and newspapers, this Bikur Cholim room brings them a true breath of fresh air during a tumultuous time.