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Government Relations

Continuing collaboration leads to mutual understanding.

CSE deeply values and respects the law enforcement community, investigative agencies and their faithful execution of their duties. Working together through crises and emergencies has led to warm ties and mutual understanding.

Can law enforcement adhere to Jewish tradition without compromising their duties?

CSE provides cultural and sensitivity training for government officials on Jewish laws, customs, and traditions. They explain the importance it carries to members of the Jewish community i.e., how to treat a body after death, the opposition to autopsy, the importance of expeditious burials, the traditions of the post-fatality cleanup, etc.

Additionally, CSE has built cordial relationships with countless medical examiners, coroners, hospitals, funeral homes and law enforcement agencies. We offer methods and techniques on how to accommodate Jewish tradition without compromising any investigative duties or obligations, thereby avoiding conflict between Jewish tradition and medical or investigative practices.

If law enforcement gets involved after any death, CSE will respond and act as a liaison between the grieving family and law enforcement to help navigate the process in a professional manner and avoid any unnecessary distress.

If an invasive autopsy is absolutely necessary, CSE will be present at the autopsy to ensure it is completed according to Rabbinical guidelines with minimal invasiveness.

Navigating crisis with expertise and compassion.