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When tragedy strikes

and a loved one is lost, life turns upside down.

Chesed Shel Emes (CSE) serves as a shoulder to lean on in times of darkness and loss. We offer step by step guidance to grieving families with empathy and compassion, arranging expeditious Jewish burials, and even picking up the tab when there’s no one to cover the cost.

When there’s law enforcement involved, CSE will serve as the liaison between the mourning families and the agencies involved. CSE will ensure that all Halachic traditions are followed and that every deceased person is treated with the utmost dignity and respect.


Wheelchair-using victim of Brooklyn crash died alone, with no next of kin

July. 25,2023

A charity organization has stepped in to arrange the burial of a 68-year-old woman who was crushed to death crossing a Brooklyn roadway in her wheelchair after the group found she has no next of kin. “To bury someone who is a loner is one of the most important commandments


The Final Honor

October. 6,2022

Reb Meir Hersh Berger of Chesed Shel Emes shares incredible stories of hashgachah In days of old, a meis mitzvah often meant finding an abandoned body at the side of the road, which needed to be tended  to immediately, as a first priority. In fact, a kohen gadol, who may not


Hundreds Attend Meis Mitzvah Funeral for Murder Victim Milton Storch

September. 1,2022

Over 250 members of the Orthodox Jewish community of Far Rockaway and the 5 Towns attended the Wednesday afternoon levayah of Milton Storch, 59, who was tragically murdered on Shabbos. Mr. Storch was sitting outside of a grocery store in his walker on Beach 20 Street in Far Rockaway, when