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When tragedy strikes

and a loved one is lost, life turns upside down.

Chesed Shel Emes (CSE) serves as a shoulder to lean on in times of darkness and loss. We offer step by step guidance to grieving families with empathy and compassion, arranging expeditious Jewish burials, and even picking up the tab when there’s no one to cover the cost.

When there’s law enforcement involved, CSE will serve as the liaison between the mourning families and the agencies involved. CSE will ensure that all Halachic traditions are followed and that every deceased person is treated with the utmost dignity and respect.


The Final Honor

October. 6,2022

Reb Meir Hersh Berger of Chesed Shel Emes shares incredible stories of hashgachah In days of old, a meis mitzvah often meant finding an abandoned body at the side of the road, which needed to be tended  to immediately, as a first priority. In fact, a kohen gadol, who may not


Hundreds Attend Meis Mitzvah Funeral for Murder Victim Milton Storch

September. 1,2022

Over 250 members of the Orthodox Jewish community of Far Rockaway and the 5 Towns attended the Wednesday afternoon levayah of Milton Storch, 59, who was tragically murdered on Shabbos. Mr. Storch was sitting outside of a grocery store in his walker on Beach 20 Street in Far Rockaway, when


‘Emergency Services and Recovery’ vehicle unveiled to serve Spring Valley community

April. 7,2022

  Local officials and law enforcement agencies joined Chesed Shel Emes, or "CSE,” to unveil a new "Emergency Services and Recovery" vehicle Thursday in Spring Valley. The nonprofit, all-volunteer organization said it will use the truck to ensure Jewish laws, customs and traditions are followed after a sudden, tragic death.


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Congrats Dr Jason Graham upon his appointment to Chief Medical Examiner of NYC. @NYCMayor @NYCHealthCommr

Mi K'amcho Yisroel, nothing will stop the dedicated vol's from @MtnDaleYeshiva.
Special thanks to @AchiezerFR_5T for their assistance


Thank you @SenRickScott for your steadfast support. #SurfsideStrong

We'd like to express our sincere appreciation to @GovRonDeSantis and senator @marcorubio for their sensitivity, understanding, and steadfast support of religious customs at the #SurfsideCollapse disaster site


A team from @ChesedShelEmes NY arrived in Miami to assist @cseflorida at the collapse site in Surfside, FL to ensure proper Kavod Hameisim.

Celebrated the last day of #Hanukkah with Mark Rosenberg, Chaplain for @FLHSMV and director of @ChesedShelEmes, the emergency service recovery unit.

During this holiday season we are especially grateful for all the men and women who serve our community and keep us safe.

It’s an honor to have received the Dreidel of Life from @ChesedShelEmes. Thank you to Rabbi Mark Rosenberg for your partnership and continued support. The men and women of the #MDPD work tirelessly to ensure the safety of #OurCounty this Hanukkah.

Volunteers of @ChesedShelEmes on scene for Kovad Hames at a tragic scene on the NY Thruway


#TishaBAv is the day when we mourn the destruction of the Bais Hamikdash, & plead with Hashem to return his children to their home - Yerushalayim.
Todat let's show him that we care for his children who have no one else to care for them.
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Checkout this video (with English subtitles) explaining the work of @ChesedShelEmes
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Our Campaign is live!
Please take part in the tremendous mitzvah of burying our indigent brethren. We do the grueling physical work, help us cover the financial burden.

Major work being done in our Woodridge cemetery. Drainage system, road, and resetting all grave stones.

Volunteers of @ChesedShelEmes we're on scene last night at a tragic accident in Manhattan to ensure kovid hames

#kovidhames #chevrakadisha #manhattan #kindness #scenecleanup #volunteer #chesedshelemet #chesedshelemes #CSE #חסדשלאמת

"We need to give these people proper respect" @ChesedShelEmes

@benjyspiro Not a lot of people would drop everything, fly to Arizona to accompany a body to NY and then fly home again within 24 hrs.

But that's what he did this week and that's what @ChesedShelEmes does always to help those who can no longer help themselves - or repay... the favor.

Thanks @TedRall for bringing to light the tough reality we've been dealing with the past few weeks.
#whoweare #ItsWhatWeDo

‘We need to give these people proper respect.’ @ChesedShelEmes, a Jewish charity, purifies the dead before burial and even flies some bodies to Israel, their final resting place, writes @TedRall - incredible ...

"In a pandemic defined by distance and solitude, it is somehow fitting and ironic that the most intimate human contact comes to those unaware of the gift." - @TedRall in @WSJ about @ChesedShelEmes' efforts

Special thanks to @ShmuelRussell a dedicated community partner of @NYPD101Pct for his generous donation of N95 masks and hand sanitizer for our volunteers on the frontlines of the #COVID19 Pandemic. Its greatly appreciated.

Honoring the deceased is exactly what we stand for. Read about our work during #COVID19

Discussing our work during the #Coronavirus Pandemic

Article about our work during the #Coronavirus Pandemic in @themishpacha

"Chesed Shel Emes has conducted an estimated 700 taharas in NY since the outbreak began, equal to roughly 10 mnths during a normal year." An inside look at the unprecedented, unparalleled heroism of those entrusted with burying the Jewish dead @ArminRosen

One of the fears of those dying from #COVID19 is that due to the fear of infection, they won't get a proper ritual process of Tahara, preparing the body for burial.
@ArminRosen met @ChesedShelEmes who are doing this sacred job on our difficult times.

This deeply moving piece by @ArminRosen in @tabletmag highlights the incredible work being done by @ChesedShelEmes to care for the tragic victims of #COVID19 by doing the ultimate mitzvah of burial, a mitzvah that can never be repaid by the beneficiary.


. @ChesedShelEmes, the invisible #Heros of the #COVID19 pandemic.

Our exhaustive work providing the final respects for the deceased during the #COVID19 pandemic profiled in @tabletmag by @ArminRosen

Special thanks to @ChaimDeutsch, @NYCHealthCommr, @misaskim & the Islamic International Funeral Services for the great collaboration in trying to streamline the burial process and ease the backlog of cases

Public statement by @ChesedShelEmes

Our Chevra Kadisha has done 60+ Taharas last week, We're doing 10+ Taharas tonight, our stock of PPE is depleting rapidly. Help us restock, and keep our volunteers safe. Donate here:

Yup, we got the call with 20 minutes notice, we reached out to @AchiezerFR_5T and they made the impossible possible. Kol Hakavod.

[email protected] performs a chesed shel emes:

Chesed Shel Emes Kevurah for Holocaust Baby Raised by Christians - #jewish #israel #news #judaism

The Levaya of a Meis Mitzvah [who was a baby during the #Holocaust, and was given to a non-Jewish family to raise, and only recently found out that he's #Jewish] will be in the @ChesedShelEmes cemetery at 113 Old Turnpike, Woodridge, NY today at 7:15 PM

Wishing you all a sweet and healthy new year.

Volunteers of @CSESpecialOps on scene of fatal accident in Queens last night


Thank you @markrosenbergfl for visiting @MiamiDadePD HQ and providing insights about the upcoming Jewish High Holidays. We appreciate the collaboration and valuable information leading to a safer community.

Great pre-High Holiday meeting hosted by @NMBChief
from @myNMBPolice
Have a Happy & Sweet New Year

We'd like to thank all our elected officials and dignitaries for honoring us with their presence at our event last night. It was greatly appreciated.


Wed like to Express our sincere appreciation to all who participated in last night beautiful event.
If you couldn't make it please contribute here:

TONIGHT! Come one come all to the Mega BBQ to support the holy work of @ChesedShelEmes 945 39th Street Brooklyn, NY
#MeisMitzva #Charity

Since the Mi hag is to visit cemeteries on #TishaBeAv, you can do a #chesed and visit the @ChesedShelEmes cemeteries in the catskills @ 74 Hysana Rd. Liberty, NY & 113 Old Turnpike, Woodridge, NY

R' Yidel Aber Rosenberg A"H devoted his entire life to Tzedaka & Chesed. His passing is an irreplaceable loss to Klal Yisroel.


It is with much pain and sorrow that we announce the passing of R' Yidel Aber Rosenberg A"H, the father of our esteemed founder Rabbi Mendy Rosenberg. Levaya will take place at 2pm at the Viznitz Shul in Williamsburg @ 6 Lee Ave. (Shiva details will follow)

We'd like to express our sincere appreciation to @NYPDBklynSouth @NYPD66Pct @NYPDHighway @NYPDCommAffairs @nyspolice @NJSP @CSESpecialOps @Ramapo_PD @RocklandSheriff @ChaverimRocklnd @RabbiAFriedman for their assistance @ the #SkulenFuneral procession


One of our most dedicated volunteers is in dire need of help, we'd like to appeal to all our followers to assist a volunteer who gives 1000's of hours to others.
Click on the link and contribute generously, LET'S SHOW HIM THAT WE CARE: ...

We'd like to extend our sincere condolences to the family & friends of Dr. Richard Friedman OB"M - Medical Director of NY Central #Hatzolah upon his untimely passing. May his memory be blessed.

Our thoughts, prayers, and condolences, to the victims & families of the #PittsburghShooting.
Our Mass Casualty Team is on the way to assist the local #Chevrakadisha

Special thanks to @Pinnyringel @ChaimDeutsch @MarkLevineNYC for hosting this very important meeting between @NYCHealthCommr @NYCMayorsOffice & #religious based community groups & funeral directors discussing potential issues with the new #eVital program

Thanks Volunteers of @ChesedShelEmes @CSECalifornia for giving away their time to provide their services following a fatal pedestrian struck by a car outside shul during Simchas torah dancing at Beit Hamidrash of Woodland Hills #chesedshelemet #chesedshelemes ...#avodashakodash

Levyah of A Mes Mitzvah today 9:00 pm in the @ChesedShelEmes cemetery @ 113 Old Turnpike Woodridge, NY

We'd like to extend our sincere appreciation to all of our generous sponsors, who made or event the success that it was. We couldn't have done it with out you.

Thanks for stopping by. Much luck in all your endeavours.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks @SEichenstein for stopping by. Good luck in your campaign, we're looking forward to working with you as you fill the shoes of our great assemblyman @HikindDov

Thanks councilman @KalmanYeger for stopping by. Was an honor tho have you.

Event prep in full swing. #nightout4CSE #RainOrShine

TONIGHT! Get ready to support the holy work of @ChesedShelEmes while enjoying an elegant evening arranged by @YaakovSchapiro, kumzitz by @DovyMeisels.
You don't want to miss this event.
$100 minimum donation. Since event is sponsored, 100% of your donation goes to the ...cause.


Video: One of our volunteers recounts an episode:


This event is getting more and more exciting by the day. Keep the night of July 24th available, for an opportunity to support our holy work while enjoying a great night out with the best of the best. #nightout4CSE


In the sweltering heat, volunteers bringing a meis mitzva to kever yisroel in our Woodridge cemetery


Your business can still be a corporate sponsor for this event. For sponsorship opportunities or more information please DM, or email [email protected]

Reserve the night. 7/24/18. A night out for @ChesedShelEmes, where you'll enjoy the best of both worlds.

Join us at our upcoming Community Forum, “Disaster Preparedness — Are You Ready?” The forum will be held Thurs., May 24th @ 6PM. Hot buffet will be served. Message us for more information.

Join @KalmanYeger @YadEphraimNews @BPShomrim @BPhatzolah @ChesedShelEmes @NYPD63Pct and more at the @MaimonidesMC Community forum for disaster preparedness this week Maimonides Medical Center This Week Thursday #Disaster #Preparedness #community #Maimonides

Special thanks to @cseflorida's Mark Rosenberg & @RabbiAFriedman from the Brooklyn Borough, for honoring MIA Chief Security Officer Mark Hatfield & @MiamiDadePD’s Major Raymond Melcon today for their efforts to ensure the safety and security of our passengers.

A big thanks to the boys of @MtnDaleYeshiva for helping with the delivery of Matzeivas (gravestones) at the @ChesedShelEmes Cemetery in Woodridge

Best of luck to a true giant in #Chesed @HikindDov, your dedication to worthy causes and @ChesedShelEmes in particular, went above and beyond your call of duty. You are the personification of a real public servant.

PHOTOS: 30,000 Jews To Spend Pesach In Orlando; Chesed Shel Emes (CSE) Florida Pre-Passover Meetings Spur Safety and Confidence ... via @@ywn

The annual Siyem Mishneias & appreciation event for the volunteers of @ChesedShelEmes #chesedshelemes #chesed #mesmitzvah

Thanks @ChaimDeutsch for stopping by. Your continuous assistance, helps us continue our holy work.

Welcome the new @ChesedShelEmes team in @cseconnecticut - May their services never be needed.


Rabbi Meir Hersh Berger of @ChesedShelEmes NY training the new members of the @cseconnecticut team in the protocols of Kovid Hames

Levaya of a Meis Mitzvah today 2:00pm in the @ChesedShelEmes cemetery 113 Old Turnpike, Woodridge, NY. Your attendance will enhance Kavod Hameis.

We would like to welcome @cseconnecticut to our family of Chesed


Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this evil massacre. And our @cseflorida volunteers are on the ground working with the authorities ensuring Kvod Hameis, and offering support to the victims' families

Levaya of a Meis Mitzvah today 11:30am in the @ChesedShelEmes cemetery 113 Old Turnpike, Woodridge, NY. Your attendance will enhance Kavod Hameis.

TRAGEDY: World Renowned Maggid Shiur, Hagaon HaRav Dovid Grossman ZATZAL R’L Killed In Crash In Staten Island. @ChesedShelEmes volunteers were on scene & hospital to ensure Kavod Hameis | ...

Full minyan at the Levaya in the snow yesterday of 2 mes Mitzvah in the @ChesedShelEmes Cemetery in Woodridge NY thanks to all the volunteers that showed up to help @MtnDaleYeshiva #chesedshelemes #chesedshelemes #chevrakadisha #mesmitzvah

Levaya of 2 Meisei Mitzvah today 1:45pm in the @ChesedShelEmes cemetery 113 Old Turnpike, Woodridge, NY. Your attendance will enhance Kavod Hameis.

BD”E a fire broke out 2:20 a.m. in Flatbush
A mother, 2 boys & one girl passed away.
The father & 2 boys are in critical condition.
@ChesedShelEmes @CSESpecialOps is on scene with @csetruck1 & @csetruck02 assisting ME.
Besiras Tovas

Shopping @amazon for deals today #CyberMonday shop via @amazonsmile at & choose Congregation Chesed Shel Emes as your charity and Amazon will donate a percentage of your order to @ChesedShelEmes

Suedah with volunteers of @ChesedShelEmes and bucherim of @MtnDaleYeshiva after the Hakumos Hamatzva #chevrakadisha #chesedshelemes #avodashakodesh #chesed #mesmitzvah

Hakumas Matzivah today for 100+ mesei Mitzvah buried in our Cemetery in Woodridge NY and Liberty NY #chesedshelemes #avodashakodash #mesmitzvah

Jewish DOA found in a car in Brooklyn. Our volunteers are working the case to ensure Kvod Hameis.

MUST WATCH VIDEO: @CSEflorida responds to #HurricaneIrma

While everyone's preparing for Yom Tov, @cseflorida volunteers are helping #HurricaneIrma Stricken families


Mayor of Maimi-Dade @MayorGimenez visited @CSEflorida #HurricaneRelief Headquarters to offer his gratitude.


Help our brothers @cseflorida provide the vital #Relief to communities devestated by #HurricaneIrma

2:00 am @cseflorida volunteers unloading trailer loads of #Hurricanerelief supplies, organized by @LkwdChaveirim

Thank You to #Israel #ConsulGeneral @LiorHaiat for coming to the CSE command center and helping with hurricane #irma relief efforts.

Friends you can count on.

Amazing job! @ChesedShelEmes @cseflorida

Catastrophe Averted by @cseflorida volunteers operating in FL after #HurricaneIrma

Just a token of appreciation for your constant cooperation.

Proud of my friends @chesedshelemes & @csespecialops making a difference in FL #HurricaneRelief #Irma Be part of it

Hundreds of gallons of gasoline brought into North Miami to help out #Irma victims fill their generators and cars


A stockpile of supplies for victims of #hurricaneirma