Mission statement

Chesed shel Emes was founded by Rabbi Mendy Rosenberg over twenty years ago as a tiny entity and has grown over the decades into a huge organization with close to 500 volunteers. Chesed shel Emes will take care of the needs of any member of Jewish society from time of expiration through his/her burial and unveiling oftombstone, regardless of affiliation. They take care of approximately 1000 niftarim annually, of whom some 100 have no affiliation, friends, or next of kin.

Chesed shel Emes will take care of the needs of any niftar, even associated with a kehilla, who is in need of disconnecting medical equipment, releasing a body, a tahara, levaya, as well as dealing with the Medical Examiner or police department, as when dealing with a death involving criminal activity.

Chesed shel Emes will guide the next of kin with empathy and compassion until the body is brought to kevura, to the satisfaction of all involved. As Chesed shel Emes circulates in many hospitals, due to the nature of their work, it was decided to incorporate a Bikur Cholim committee in several hospitals where none were available for the convenience of the people staying with the patients. They provide guidance, support, kosher food and Shabbos necessities for patients and companions as necessary. While Chesed shel Emes will continue to provide compassionate services to any Jew in need, it is our fervent prayer that these services will no longer be needed with the coming of Moshiach hastily.